The mission of Lloyd Presbyterian Church is to faithfully learn of and witness to the transforming love and good news of Jesus Christ.

Lloyd Presbyterian church has born witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ and sought to be an outpost of the kingdom of God since 1870.

A word of welcome from our pastor, Rev. Laura Spangler:

Pastor Laura

“We are called by Christ, not only for our membership, but also to share faith and love with people who don’t know Christ.  Come experience our warm hospitality and let us know how we can serve you.”

Heritage and Spirit

The church is believed to be named after abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison. With support from missionaries and First Presbyterian Church of Winston Salem, Lloyd began as part of a national movement to establish African American Presbyterian churches after the Civil War.

The sanctuary was constructed by the congregation between 1890 and 1907. It is the second oldest historically African American church worshiping in its original building and location in Forsyth County, North Carolina. It is the only example of carpenter-built Gothic architecture in Forsyth County. It was recognized as a historic site in 1998, and received a National Register of Historic Places designation.

Our multicultural and multigenerational congregation shares the heritage of the Reformed Tradition and is ecumenical in Spirit and in practice.

A Called Community


Lloyd Presbyterian is a member of the Fellowship Community in the PCUSA.  We are staying in and reaching out.  As an evangelical congregation in the PCUSA,  we are committed to a different kind of relationship with the denomination and a different way of being together in the Body of Christ.  We aspire to embody the Good News of Jesus Christ by being gracious in our dealings with our sisters and brothers but also by being prophetic in our call to repentance and holy living, beginning with ourselves.

Read Pastor Laura’s posting on the Fellowship Community’s website.

Outreach at the Arts Based School

After much prayer and discussion, we launched our evangelistic outreach to the Arts Based School behind the church. Each school day, several hundred parents, siblings, and grandparents line up around the church to pick up their kids. Seasonally dressed, our city prayer warriors greeted each carload with smiles, a Merry Christmas envelope with a nativity scene to color, Bible Apps, offers to pray, and other Christian literature. Our local, Christian radio station WBFJ came out to musically bless the event.

In consultation with the school administration, we discovered that there are 39 food-insecure families at the school. A $25.00 dollar gift card to Food Lion grocery was given to each of them through a school counselor. We also asked the families in line to donate food for others in the school. The harvest collection was abundant and included $ 150.00 in cash donations. Praise God for his generosity and thank you to all who participated!

Please pray that families will come to get food and that this will be a continuation of sharing Christ. We will receive prayer requests through the website to lift up at our Monday prayer time. Knowing, sharing, receiving, and celebrating Jesus and his salvation is the reason we exist.

Scholarships Awarded!

Six of the eight winners read their essays on Nov 16, 2019.

Lloyd Presbyterian Church has the opportunity to provide $500 scholarships for high school and college students!  (PDF Flyer for 2020) To find out about these 8 contest winners and their essays on “What has Jesus done for me?”, please visit this WS Chronicle article.

Downtown Winston-Salem Prayer Outreach

Since the summer of 2020, Lloyd Presbyterian and friends have gathered downtown each season to publicly pray and sing in the name of Jesus, beginning with the reading of scripture. 

We have prayed for Christ’s peace in the midst of racial tensions, prayed for both protestors and police, prayed for the end of Covid, our educators and students, the new presidential administration, and local churches and families.   Prayers have been shared in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Swahili.   All for the glory of God who has been so faithful. 

We meet in front of the Umoja Store on 535 Trade Street in WS.  Our next gathering will be Saturday, September 11, 2021, at 5:00.   Come praise and pray with us for our city to know the Lord and be saved.