Happy 4th of July!

We missed our pastor, Laura Spangler, yesterday but heard the uplifting sermon by Rev. Irma Scott.  Her message was never forgetting the blood Jesus shed for each of us especially in this day and time. “The blood of Jesus still prevails!”

Her sermon and the attached picture I took after service inspired me to think what freedom means to me and I came up with a little poem I would like to share.


The 4th of July we put up flags and see them everywhere, but sometimes we tend to lose sight of the pain Jesus bear. So for me on this day when we celebrate freedom, I think of the greatest gift of all. Jesus sacrifice that has allowed us to truly be free, in mind, body and spirit you see. So instead of flying an American flag I will remember this picture in church instead. Still red, white and blue which to me symbolizes Jesus blood shed for me and you. Each color represents something to me, let me share and hopefully you too will see. Red for the blood he shed for us all, then blue for the tears and sadness he felt because he knew we would sin, come short and fall. Then there is white, so radiant and true. Jesus spirit that always lives in our hearts and shines through and through.


Charlene Hunt

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